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Hey, 2020, quit hogging 2021’s stage! 

We all know 2020 hung around and wore out its welcome. It took more than a hook to jerk a knot in the tail of 2020.

And it will take more than an act of Congress to come to with terms with WHY it hung around. But now that we finally have the new year moving into it’s own, we decided we would do what we can to give 2021 the start it deserves. 

We have extended our Make It a Combo sale until the end of FebruaryTo make this a little sweeter, we have added two fabric combinations  -- brand new and gorgeous. Our Peony/Meadow Violet and our Fall Into Season/Sweet Potato


And seriously folks, we were gladdened at how well the sale went. We saw so many of you buying combos into 2021. The need is here. And the world needs more, more, more of each of us turning the light inward, experiencing the present moment, flowing with the cosmos in a simple way. 

When we can connect with this awareness and cultivate it, we are able to respond to the moment with spontaneity and clarity. Less polarization, more immediacy. Less stuff to hide our innate incandescence. How this shows up for each of us may differ. And like a wise teacher once told us here at Inner Space, compassion means love and justice at the same time. Just like teachings without the view leave something to be ….. desired … talk of peace without justice leaves humanity on a precipice.  


Like it or not, we are all in this together. None of us gets out alive. In this way, the great expanse of infinite possibilities meets each of us and we meet it, and as individualized and particular as each experience is,  we are part of this vast web and we support one another because even though we think we aren’t, we are.  Even the meanies! It is not for us to decide whether our actions bear the fruit we might intend. It is for us to get to know ourselves so that what we intend is no longer a question.

So be a radical and break the great taboo of knowing yourself. Buy the best zafu and zabuton on the planet earth.  Maybe this sitting practice will bring more humility to you than it has to our promotions. :) 


Pick out a zafu that you love ... and ... add a zabuton that you love...

To get your combo! 

And the possibilities are endless - just like this moment. 


Make it a Combo until 02/28/2021, you can buy a zafu and zabuton at the reduced Make it Combo price of $220.


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