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Athena Round Bolster



Displaying a sense of creative order and majestic peace, the patterns in this solid fabric resemble details found in ancient Greek stonework. In mystical ways, the calming visual aspects found here guide the mind inward. Athena was a goddess of wisdom and war. She was a leader known to wear full body armor yet be skillful in artistic handicrafts such as spinning yarn. Greek heroes sought her domestic and worldly advice. We think this pattern displays grace, strength and calm. Qualities all yogis strive to weave into our daily lives. 

Colors: Earth brown, tan and neutral cream

 NOTE ON THIS PATTERN: See the color swatch photo of this pattern for a more accurate rendition of color.

Our Round Bolster is a hand rolled, unbleached 100% cotton batting bolster that gives you a boost for deeper opening or more support. This bolster will flatten out somewhat with use, but that will likely take many years of continuous use. Dimensions: 10” high  x 24.5” long x 34” around. Weight: 10 lbs.