How are Inner Space bolsters different from other yoga bolsters?

All of our bolsters are hand stuffed in Knoxville, TN with dense cotton batting to give the ideal amount of sturdy and comfortable support.

We honor the ‘princess & the pea’ sensitivity that yogis develop by carefully rolling each bolster and being compulsive about quality control.

Ours are durable bolsters ideal for for home use or studio use and will last for many years in even the most demanding studio settings.

Each bolster features a 100% cotton, removable, washable cover with no zippers - Pune (India) style. This type of cover is much easier to get on and off than zippered covers.

Seams are intentionally placed opposite the drawstring so the fabric can more evenly distribute around the bolster.

Our bolsters are very helpful for postures relating to meditation and rest, but can also be used for support in a variety of different poses and styles.




* A flat surface that offers stable support.

* A great prop for a Restorative Yoga practice.

* Can serve as a stack of blankets in some asanas.

* Great for standing upright for things like supporting the head in standing forward bends or supporting the back in a handstand against the wall.

    * A happy medium! A stepping stone between a flat bolster and round bolster.

    * Offers the ideal amount of sturdy and comfortable support.

    * Broader base than a round bolster with just the right amount of height to deepen chest opening and back bending.

      * Firm and soft at the same time.

      * Deeper chest opening support.

      * Great for the less flexible as it provides the most support in forward folds.


        * The slimmer width and slight lift (about the same height as a flat bolster) allows the chest to relax and open, increasing lung capacity.

        * Ideal for placing under the knees to lengthen and release the low back in Shavasana.


        * Great for the petite yogi.

          Features A foam core wrapped in 100% cotton batting makes this bolster firm yet light.

          An in-between flat/round bolster made without foam, stuffed entirely with 100% cotton batting. This bolster offers a wider base, and will not flatten significantly with use.

          All rolled 100% cotton batting bolster. Settles somewhat over time which results in a luscious give that your body molds to, so the bolster firms without hardening.

          All rolled 100% cotton batting bolster with a slim profile. This multi-purpose bolster will not flatten significantly with use.

          6” high x 26.5 long x 35” around. Weight: 7.8 lbs

          8” high  x 26” long  x 35” around.
          Weight: 8 lbs.

          10” high  x 24” long x 35” around. Weight: 9 lbs.

          6” high x 26.5” long x 12” around. Weight: 5.5 lbs.

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