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Exquisite Details About Our Products

The Exquisite Details Set Inner Space bolsters apart ...

All of our bolsters are hand rolled FIRST (THEN stuffed) in Knoxville, TN with dense sheets of cotton batting to give the ideal amount of sturdy and comfortable support.

We honor the ‘princess & the pea’ sensitivity that yogis develop by carefully rolling each bolster and being compulsive about quality control. Because the bolsters are rolled, they have less lumpiness or uneven spots, have more uniform distribution of density and weight and tend to compress with usage with a natural form mapped to the human body.

Our bolsters are durable. They are ideal for for home use or studio use and will last for many years in even the most demanding studio settings. We know this because they have been tested in these settings for over 14 years.

Each bolster features a 100% cotton, removable, washable cover with no zippers - Pune (India) style. We use drawstrings only. This type of cover may be harder to make, but it is much easier to get on and off than zippered covers. Our bolsters have no metal, just cottony goodness. Because of this, you can use the bolster in any direction and on any side. And ... you can keep it clean!

Seams are intentionally placed opposite the drawstring so the fabric can more evenly distribute around the bolster and so that the inner and outer seams are not on the same side. It is for your comfort and relaxation, because we know the difference. 

Our bolsters are very helpful for postures relating to meditation, rest and yin, but can also be used for support in most styles of yoga.  

Round Bolster

Our full figured bolster! An all cotton bolster that offers height and a narrow base. This bolster will flatten significantly with use. The cover is a drawstring closure... no zippers!

Dimensions: 24.5” long x 11” high  x 11” wide x 36” around
Weight: 8 lbs.

Oval Bolster

Our happy medium. This bolster made without foam, stuffed entirely with cotton batting and offers a broad base like our flat bolster. This bolster will flatten moderately with use. The cover is a drawstring closure... no zippers! 

Dimensions: 26.5” long x 10” high x 12” wide x 36” round
Weight: 8 lbs.

Flat Bolster

Our flat bolster features a foam core wrapped in cotton batting. This bolster is firmer than the other two, but is lighter in weight due to the foam core. This bolster will not flatten over time. The cover is a drawstring closure... no zippers! 

Dimensions: 27” long x 9” high x 13“ wide  x 36” around
Weight: 6.5 lbs.

Junior Bolster

Our longest bolster is also our bolster with the narrowest width and lowest height. This bolster is perfect if you are petite, not very flexible in the spine, as a supplemental bolster or for pranayama. This bolster will not flatten significantly with use. The cover is a drawstring closure... no zippers!

Dimensions: 27.5” long x 8” high  x 9“ wide x 26” around
Weight: 5 lbs.

Crescent Zafu

Our crescent zafu has been refined through the years. As yogis, we prefer a crescent shape to a round zafu so that we have enough support for our thigh bone, but not too far down the leg so as to "stop" the freedom in the hip. We know the difference so you don't have to be bothered with it. The shape, height, and density make this the perfect cushion. You will feel grounded and stable. We hand fill each zafu cushion with buckwheat hulls. They will compress some with use and time. We chose buckwheat hulls, the outer chaff of the buckwheat grain, because the small, saucer-shaped, lightweight hull conforms fluidly to the shape of your body. 

We use a zipper hidden beneath the back handle so you can full the cushion with more buckwheat (or empty if it is too full). We ship a generously stuffed zafu and we have debated around the warehouse about this. We have erred on filling it full in case you don't have buckwheat available.  All seams are reinforced for extra strength.  At least part of the zafu is made with a heavier weight brushed cotton twill. And …did we mention….they are beautiful. We predict you will notice the exquisite detail and quality immediately.The zafu can also be turned on it's side to sit in a kneeling position or for more height. You can not find a better designed meditation cushion out there.

Dimensions: 16” long x 5” high x 12” wide x 30” around (crescent shape, not round)
Weight: 4.5  lbs.


Our Zabuton is sized a little differently than most.  We wanted it to be easier to transport so we made it a little smaller. We also don't like lumpy zabutons (stability rocks!) so we designed our zabuton to have an even layer of our cotton batting sheets. 

We went the extra mile to include an inner muslin liner, so you can wash the outer cover. As experienced meditators, we know a zabuton can get the brunt of the feet and shins and, well, it is better to be able to clean it. Both the inner muslin liner and outer cover have velcro closures (no zippers!). We find this envelopes the zabuton more evenly and cleanly and we prefer that. Both cushions  are made of durable 100% super soft, brushed cotton twill fabric with reinforced seams. 

Dimensions:  Dimensions: 31” long x 6” high x 26” wide x 58” around
Weight: 6 lbs.


Eye Pillows

We have found that everyone has different preferences with an eye pillow and we used to make them all :) Slowly, we found the right dimensions that met the most varied requirements. Who knew there was so much to a simple eye pillow! At 7 inches long, it is long enough to give weight to the forehead/eyes without being so long that the flax seed falls to the sides and creates a "desert" in the middle. The width is big enough to spread across the forehead with some weight on the eyes or to place over the eyes and leave the nose free. Any bigger and you wouldn't have a choice.  We have a combination of dried lavender and mint and the scent lasts for a looonnggggg time without overwhelming sensitive noses. We stuff the eye pillow with flax seed. Flax seed has a high percentage of fat and it retains heat for a long period of time and over several heatings (because it is not water based, the water does not evaporate with each heating). We recommend trying to heat in the microwave for 30 second intervals until you get a temperature you like. Be careful! Shake the eye pillow before use to distribute the heat and reduce "hot spots". Flax seed will also retain cold, and does not freeze. This means you can have a cold press that maintains its body forming shape (a boon to soothe migraines and fevers).  The flax seed also conforms to the body very easily. As a traditional eye pillow, reduced light to your eyes and gentle pressure can help the eyes relax into the sockets and turn your senses inwards. There is a direct connection of the eye to the brain, and eyes that are quiet means a brain that is quiet. Eye pillows can be used as a proper asana prop as well. The slight lift of the eye pillow makes this a great prop for areas that need "just a little" support: the knees in seated poses, the ankles in child's pose, keeping the head straight in supine poses. We use a 100% cotton cover. The fabric, the weight, the body forming flax seed, the dried lavender flowers and mint leaves make our eye pillows a feast for the senses. And a great gift! 

Dimensions:  7” long x .5” high x 3.5” wide x 8” round.
Weight:  5.6 oz.