We've partnered with our friends at Yoga Vibes to offer a FREE bolster with the purchase of their Annual Class Pass.

For a $200 investment you get a beautiful, durable Inner Space bolster PLUS access to the premium source for streaming online yoga classes + free yoga videos. YogaVibes frees you to take yoga wherever you are, whenever you want so you can get whatever you need - for a whole year!

Be sure to try the full length Bolster Your Confidence class or one of the free 2-3 minute vignettes...

Full Length Class - 53 Minutes


This online yoga class is not your run of the mill yoga with a bolster class. This 53 minute sequence explores a variety of ways to use your bolster to refine your Vinyasa skills, strengthen deep postural muscles and develop flexibility while simultaneously allowing yourself to be supple enough to yield to support and free your breathing. Well-suited for all levels of practice, this class is slow in pace but will get the internal fires burning! You will need a bolster and a chair (optional).



Free Vignettes 


In her quest to always keep her yoga practice progressive and challenging, Jennifer Beyt Coffin incorporates a yoga bolster into Prasarita Padottanasana
(Standing Wide Angle Forward Fold) to teach you how to develop deeper internal awareness and set the stage for more expansive chest opening.

Learn how a yoga bolster can help you to find and properly use the muscles along the anterior spine to
redefine your back bending and opening in the torso in this online yoga video with Jennifer Beyt Coffin.


 Learn how to use a bolster to help you take a giant leap with your handstand practice. Become more
confident and skillful in your hand standing using a bolster, chair, and a wall in this online yoga video.

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