New Fabrics


This fabric pays homage to noticing the bountifulness of nature.  The bright orange poppies shout "we have what we need and enough to share".  The cool blue greens reflect the peace of mind we feel when we are content with what we have. Colors include pale green, sea green, aquamarine, cream, burnt orange and champagne.



Wild white floral vines inspire delight in this fabric.  The petals burst open with liveliness, as if they can carry the burdens of life and arouse strength and power of endurance.  The sweet little berries spread the field with mirth. Spring is coming, ready or not!  Colors include mint green, blue, white and red orange.


Eternal Sunshine

A myriad of color, this scene promotes the connection and calm in friendships that lasts forever. It depicts cherished relationships by kindred spirits in the form of a midday social.  While engaging in activity as ancient as dance and feasts, fanciful birds and flowers surround true friends. Connections don't have to be physical to be real. Allow it to surround you. 


Fairy Dust

Tiny, colorful birds and stars sprinkled on a cream background make your yoga dreams come true!  A rainbow of true colors excite a sense of magic and enchantment.  This simultaneously sweet and vibrant fabric sparks creativity and reflects the rebelliousness of celebrating whimsy and imagination in difficult times. Colors include cream, orange, yellow, purple, green, pink, deep fuchsia, and blue.