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Inner Space Yoga - New Fabric - All in One Chakra

All in One Chakra

We like this beautiful pattern adrift in a sea of creamy yellow because in the Taoist approaches to the energetic body, yellow is the color associated with the center and the quality of the leader (and these days, we each have to step up and be leaders). From this center a rich rainbow mandala pattern radiates out and interpenetrate in places, and not in others. Just like life.  The mandala itself is sometimes strong, like horns announcing arrival and sometimes subtle, like the gentle updraft of small butterfly wings in the garden, doing its part. All in One Chakra has it all in one — even the fixation we sometimes find yogis have on the idea of chakras. All in Once Chakra points towards that place where a mile and a centimeter are the same.  Putting all the Chakras colors together unfolding in unity we remember that true strength comes from a place of flowing with what is.
Colors: a strong yet buttery yellow, and a rainbow of color in the design elements including purple, pink, blue, orange, red and green
Inner Space Yoga - New Fabric - Float Like a Butterfly

Float Like a Butterfly

True toughness comes from fearless vulnerability, and Float Like a Butterfly expresses this.  Unapologetic, multicolored butterflies fly in front of translucent sweet blue bubbles and waves with hints of pink fading to violet splashes.  The kaleidoscope of butterflies ranges from the realistic to the fantastic, at times delicate and at times grand. We fly together, but we show up as our perfect unique expression and through each expression, the myriad forms can reflect each other’s beauty. BTW - a group of butterflies is actually called a kaleidoscope. 
Colors: sky blue, indigo, electric orange, black, sea green, yellow, and violet
Inner Space Yoga - New Fabric - Try Me

Try Me

This intricately beautiful fabric reveals resilience and romance.  Blue, yellow, pink and green plants suggest that even after the worst storm, nature remains in equipoise.  The background of natural white with sweet circles of pink patterns remind us of the subtle strength of attention and how everything can play in the field of light when attention is stabilized. Even a wisp of a thought or a stirring of feeling can have it’s day and drift on or pop. Try me suggests just that … in the field of open, loving awareness, go ahead, let it all in.
Colors: Natural White, pink, fuchsia, spring green, light blue, yellow and black
Inner Space Yoga - New Fabric - Metta More Of This


This print mirrors itself.  The black and white butterflies peer at their own forms though a gorgeous jungle of fine and bold, pink and black flowers.  In meditation, when we “turn around and look” a metamorphosis begins to occur.  Let this deeply reflective fabric inspire your practice to turn further within. When it happens enough, it starts happening by itself, and … it is always pretty, one way or another, whether you recognize it or not. 😉🦋
Colors: Black, hot pink, white, neutral

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