Fairy Dust/Meadow Violet Crescent Zafu Meditation Cushion

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Tiny, colorful birds and stars sprinkled on a cream background make your yoga dreams come true!  A rainbow of true colors excite a sense of magic and enchantment.  This simultaneously sweet and vibrant fabric sparks creativity and reflects the rebelliousness of celebrating whimsy and imagination in difficult times. 

Colors include cream, orange, yellow, purple, green, pink, deep fuchsia, and blue, surrounded by a super soft, brushed twill cotton in meadow violet.

Our Crescent Shaped Zafu Meditation Cushion is available in solid colors or solid + patterned insert panel (the crescent shape of the seat). The solid color is a heavyweight solid color 100% cotton twill fabric that stands up to long-term repeated use. Dimensions: 15” diameter x 7” high. Weight: 4.5 lbs.

Meditation shouldn’t be a physical struggle. We designed our meditation cushion (“zafu”) with that in mind. The shape, height, and density make this the perfect cushion. You will feel grounded and stable. We designed it to work in sitting positions with enough height so the knees can reach the floor and in kneeling positions for freedom in the knees with firm support under the pelvis as well (sometimes called vajrasana or seiza positions). Our zafu meditation cushion is shaped like a gentle crescent so your pelvis is fully supported and your legs have more freedom in all meditation postures. It is stuffed with buckwheat hulls, the outer chaff of the buckwheat grain, which are small, saucer-shaped and lightweight and conform fluidly to the shape of your body. We have included a handle for easy carrying. The zipper is beneath the handle. The height of the zafu can be adjusted by adding/removing the buckwheat filling: but it comes with a generous full filling. Taller meditators, or those with tight hip flexors, may need more height than those people with short legs or who are more flexible. All seams are reinforced for extra strength. And …did we mention….they are beautiful. We predict you will notice the exquisite detail and quality immediately.