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Just for Pretty Flat Bolster


Do you love that feeling in meditation when your sense of spaciousness becomes so big that you feel you are made of space itself?  We are just stardust after all ;) In that space place, there is no up, down, East or West, so why even call a thing a thing? That's why we call this pattern Just for Pretty.

It's a simple but significant pattern where the colorful flowers pop off the black background. This bolster pattern is perfect for class. Perfect for home. Perfect in all spaces, or space places. Buy this bolster and you'll be making a solid choice, and a classic statement. Just for Pretty. 

Our Flat Bolster features a foam core wrapped in 100% cotton batting. This bolster is slightly firmer than our oval and round bolsters, but is lighter in weight due to the foam core. This bolster offers a wide base of support and will not flatten over time.

Dimensions: 27” long x 9” high x 13“ wide  x 36” around.  Weight: 6.5 lbs.