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Sand Atlas Bolster


You can give your weight to an Inner Space bolster because the bolster has a give of its own.  It conforms just the right amount to your body, like sand. It’s fluid form supports you, so that you can find ease, and your form can become more fluid. With just the right amount of support and fluidity, you can get soooooooo comfortable in a yoga pose.

These are things that inspired us to offer this new solid twill we are calling Sand. The Sand fabric is a calming neutral tan and 100 percent cotton. It’s a flat twill. It is durable and sturdy, but with a more silky-smooth feel than the brushed twill.

Sand is a new twill for 2022. It compliments Stone. Read more about them on the blog here.

The Atlas Bolster is a hand-rolled, 100% cotton batting bolster with a slimmer width and slight lift (about the same height as a flat bolster) that allows the chest to relax and open, increasing lung capacity. This multi-purpose bolster will not flatten significantly with use.  Great for the petite yogi! Dimensions: 8” high x 26.5” long x 12” around. Weight: 4.5 lbs.