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Stone Oval Bolster


When you do a yoga pose with an Inner Space bolster it supports you like stone.  You can give your full weight into it, and fully let go of all your holding.  You can’t break it.  Imagine you are made of stone! No senses of perception, nowhere to go, nothing to know!  You can stay a looonnnggg time.

These are the things that inspired us to offer this new solid twill we are calling Stone. The Stone fabric is a dark grey, and 100 percent cotton brushed twill. The brushed twill is the same soft and sturdy fabric as our signature Sweet Potato and Violet Meadow brushed twills. 

Stone is a new twill for 2022. It compliments Sand. Read more about them on the blog here.

The Oval Bolster is the happy medium between our round and flat styles. Made without foam, stuffed entirely with hand rolled, 100% cotton batting, this bolster offers a wider base, medium height and will not flatten significantly with use. Dimensions: 26.5” long x 10” high x 12” wide x 36” round.  Weight: 8 lbs.