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You Can't Miss Atlas Bolster


At Inner Space yoga we think everything in life is an experiment. There are no mistakes. Each moment is full of possibilities and learning.  Everywhere you go, your life is there. You Can't Miss! Keep being you! Keep practicing. 

This simple black and white pattern is a signature choice for all collections, no matter where or how you use your bolster, in all your Inner Spaces. The circular lines resemble spring onions. Season after season and year after year, there will always be possibilities and classic endless opportunities. You can't go wrong. You Can't Miss.

The Atlas Bolster is a hand-rolled, 100% cotton batting bolster with a slimmer width and slight lift (about the same height as a flat bolster) that allows the chest to relax and open, increasing lung capacity. This multi-purpose bolster will not flatten significantly with use.  Great for the petite yogi! Dimensions: 8” high x 26.5” long x 12” around. Weight: 4.5 lbs.