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Our Story


Inner Space Yoga and Meditation Supplies sells beautiful props designed by yoga practitioners for yoga practitioners. We specialize in handmade yoga bolsters and meditation cushions that are vibrant, and bring joy and stability to a practice. Used and loved in high volume yoga studios up and down the east coast, our products are sturdy and withstand daily, heavy use.  

Inner Space Yoga originated as a little-known Asheville company in the days before online shipping and when yoga teachers got crafty out of necessity to make their own props.  The founder Angela Ryals was a yoga practitioner and seamstress who spent her days sewing bolsters for yoga studios. It was a labor of love then and it still is. 

Tammy Kaousias, business lawyer and entrepreneur based in Knoxville, TN bought the company in 2014 while owning a local yoga studio and leading a highly successful yoga teacher training program where Inner Space bolsters were an essential tool for instructors and students. She now leads meditation and koan groups, and is our biggest fan of our Inner Space meditation supplies. 

Tammy loves the challenge of selling a product while maintaining the ability to reflect on how insane it is that a contemplative life can be so .... commercialized. In 2021 she began looking for partners to help navigate the sometimes turbulent waters of owning a company in this market.

Today, the Inner Space Yoga torch is carried by the company's majority owner Rebecca Simmons. It is still a labor of love. And she is grateful to have Tammy as a partner sharing her invaluable guidance and wisdom in this tricky business.

Inner Space Gal Jill Frere is also a key partner in the mix. She currently plays the VERY important roll of ROLLING all the bolsters! The bolsters are hand rolled and perfectly stuffed with cotton batting from Morristown, TN. With impeccable quality control by Jill.

Each of us are long time yoga practitioners and are committed to maintaining the high level of quality and beauty of the products, a hallmark of Inner Space Yoga products.


Rebecca Simmons is a Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher, a methodology that often uses props to achieve proper alignment and intelligence about the body. She teachers semi-private classes from her home studio, and is planning to expand her offerings since recently becoming Knoxville's first CIYT. Which is a BIG deal!

Rebecca is a mom to four daughters ages 8-19. With the support of her family, she spent the last five years traveling regularly to Nashville to study with her Iyengar yoga teacher Aretha Mckinney. She has been dedicated to the practice of Iyengar Yoga since before her first daughter was born.  


Jill Frere is a certified 1000-hour Dharma Mittra yoga teacher and dance artist. She is a vegetarian who loves Karaoke. She is passionate about using and promoting kinder products for the earth. She LOVES that Inner Space is an eco-minded company committed to up-cycling and using regionally sourced materials. 

Want to know more about Jill, check out her page Fearless Motion. You can also find her yoga teaching schedule there and other offerings too!