We COULD get all mushy about this, but we’ll try to tell it straight. 

A long, long time ago, Tammy was tired. Like T-I-R-E-D. Then she found Jen.
Jen was wired. Like W-I-R-E-D.

Tammy started going to Jen’s yoga classes at The Glowing Body Yoga Studio. Tammy started getting un-tired. Then Tammy bought the yoga studio. The Glowing Body needed bolsters in the prop room. Cindy Dollar suggested buying bolsters from Angela Ryals at Inner Space Yoga and Meditation Props in Asheville, NC. Presto, Inner Space bolsters at the Glowing Body.

Jen started using the bolsters almost every day. With her private clients, on her own, and in her incredible yin class too. Tammy bogarted her husband’s crescent zafu from Inner Space and started using it almost every day. In the hours, days, weeks, months, we each released into the support of these gorgeous bolsters and cushions. Little by little, Tammy got more un-tired and Jen got more un-wired. 

So when Angela said she wanted to dive the deep blue yonder, wrap up the bolster business and release herself on her new path, it was easy to know the bolsters and cushions had to have a new home.

Step by step, we are learning how to grow Inner Space and still maintain our ethos. We prefer to use businesses owned by women. We source our cotton batting close to home (Morristown, Tennessee). We find seamstresses who love detail and have an eye for beauty. We walk down the street to have our foam cut to order. We bend down and we pick up the rolled batting and we hand stuff them in the textured cotton muslin inner lining. We still pause sometimes, and just rest there, and smell the cotton batting and the millions of little instances that got it to where it is, and feel the firmness and the give in the newly rolled bolster.

Oops … we are starting to get mushy.

Let’s just say, we love these products and we want you to love them too. We want you to love them so much you will use them every day. As yogis, we know that if one person taps into their inner space, we all do.

May you all enjoy your practice and the fruits of your practice.


Our Purpose

To make beautiful products you will want to use every day to support your life.

Our Ethos

* There is a deep well of support everywhere, even if you are having a really hard time.

* We are driven to make a profit but we strive to harmonize the cause and effect of our venture beyond a profit and loss statement.

* We prefer to trade with small, women-owned businesses (but our bolsters know no genders and support all beings).

* It’s all yoga.