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Meet the owners


Inner Space Yoga and Meditation Supplies sells beautiful props designed by yoga practitioners for yoga practitioners. After years of using yoga bolsters and meditation cushions that were soft and drab, we wanted sturdy, vibrant products that bring joy and stability to our practice. Used in high volume yoga studios up and down the east coast, we know our products withstand daily, heavy use. As owners, we are proud to share these products with you. 


Tammy Kaousias, a business lawyer and entrepreneur, bought the company in 2014 and has grown the customer base and brand from a little-known Asheville focused company to what it is today. Tammy organized and produced five highly successful yoga teacher training programs. Inner Space bolsters were an essential tool for instructors and students in that setting.  Tammy uses Inner Space products herself. She even uses them in her yoga therapy classes with her 97 year old father.


Tammy loves the challenge of selling a product while maintaining the ability to reflect on how insane it is that a contemplative life can be so .... commercialized. She has been hoping for the right partners to help navigate the sometimes turbulent waters of owning a company in this market. 




With Jill Frere and Rebecca Simmons now on the team, we can ride the waves together. 


Each of us are long time yoga practitioners and are committed to maintaining the high level of quality and beauty of the products, a hallmark of Inner Space Yoga products.




 “I am so excited to have partners who are committed to the beauty and excellence of these products,” said Tammy. “They truly are the best yoga bolsters and meditation cushions. And with Jill and Rebecca at the helm, we are positioned to grow the company to the next level.” 




Jill Frere, a certified 1000-hour Dharma Mittra yoga teacher and dance artist, joined Inner Space in 2020 and leaped at the chance to become an owner. Jill, a vegetarian who loves Karaoke, is passionate about the local and environmental aspects of the company.  All of the products are all hand sewn and constructed in Knoxville, TN.  


The bolsters are hand rolled and perfectly stuffed with cotton batting from Morristown, TN. She is excited to be visioning with the other owners on expanding Inner Space collections to include products that are made of 100% up-cycled Inner Space materials.


“Until now my main avenue for shifting culture has been through art and spiritual practices,” says Jill.  “When I saw what an incredible impact these products have on people’s daily lives, I felt compelled to be involved as much as possible.” Want to know more about Jill, check out her page Fearless Motion.




Rebecca Simmons became a 200-hour certified yoga teacher in one of Tammy's teacher training program in 2015. She is lifelong student of Iyengar Yoga, a methodology that often uses props to achieve proper alignment and intelligence about the body.


An avid traveler, Rebecca has visited 22 countries, enjoys scuba diving and has a lifestyle blog called Simply Natural Mom. Ready for a new kind of adventure, she was honored to become an owner with these women who share a passion for yoga. Rebecca has a background in communications and is excited to share what makes these quality handmade products useful and beautifully unique. 


“The opportunity to be an owner with other women, integrating my passion for yoga and my background in media and public relations was perfect for me. It’s an adventure I couldn’t pass up” said Simmons.