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About your Cover - Wash and replace

Our bolster covers are washable, 100% cotton and most are preshrunk. Whether you are buying a new cover or are washing an old cover read this. Instructions on how to replace the cover are below.

To ensure that the vibrant colors don’t fade, wash in the coolest setting you are comfortable with.

Line dry. Iron as needed, on the cotton setting.

Untie and wash your bolster cover

Untie & Wash

Drawstrings are double knotted. You may have to loosen the inner knot.

Pro Tip: Be sure to tie the drawstring before you wash so as not to lose it in the casing during the wash.


Replace Cover

Two Options: Pull cover 1/2 way up, then straighten, or roll the cover up in the hands (pantyhose old style) and place over the bottom to line the bottom up, then start pulling up.


Final Notes

Make sure you have lined up the bottom panel to match the bottom of the bolster.

Pro Tip: Pull the new or washed cover OVER the end of the bolster with the muslin opening. In this way, the opening of the muslin is on the opposite end of the opening of the outer cover. Think opposites: yin and yang, shakti and shiva. The seam of the inner muslin cover should be on the opposite side of the seam of the outer cover. One end of the bolster will have the drawstring opening and the other end will have the cover opening.