Bolsters with Benefits

Bolsters with Benefits! So, being on the other side of the chronological bell curve, someone had to tell me what the phrase "friends with benefits" colloquially meant. :)

When I started this incredible gift of a yoga practice in earnest, it seemed to coincide perfectly with my insatiable curiosity and my tendency to always put the point of the angle on the inside. I say it like  this: Turn my eyeballs around, and actually look inside. Over and over and over and over and over and over.  And it's no Crimson and Clover (sorry about that ... 80's flare up). Then,  someone introduced me to the Inner Space Bolster. Well, it was love at first rest.

We brought them into the yoga studio and I could not believe how wonderful they were. Setu Bhanda on two ovals, lengthwise and then, look inside. Yippee for space! Yippee for subtle movement!  The bolsters propped me up, and I let go. Little by little. I suspect those of you who love the practice also love the increased awareness that allows you to start letting go in layers through the body. It is like progressive layered geology. The bolster gave me the support to experience this. So, it helped me wake up! 

It's an added benefit. Not just muscular release, not just relaxation, but knowing myself a little bit better and waking up in the moment.

So, see, I'm an old fogey. 'Friends with Benefits' to me means we wake up together.

Dynamic Nature

Everyone needs a special tool in their yoga practice to shape, form and refine their postures. We feel like our bolsters will accelerate your learning, feeling and growing. We are biased, of course.

Check out some ideas with detailed instructions for ways to boost your dynamic practice with our bolsters in our latest blog post featured on YogaVibes! 

While you're there, try Jen's Bolster Your Confidence online class. 


Sit Side of the Dial

Inner Space Crescent Zafu Meditation Cushion

You name it, and I can second guess it. This happens more frequently when I am not balanced. But you gotta give a sitter some props -- at least I notice.

And I noticed something odd about my zafu. I started using an Inner Space zafu cushion about the time I started sitting daily.  And it got in my consciousness…  A visual imprint of color and texture. 

If my sub-text around my routine was “should I sit or should I go now” (Clash fans out there?), I would catch a glimpse of my pumpkin-peacock zafu, and I would feel a little pull to the sit side of the dial. At first, I second guessed this. I mean, really? Is this attachment to a CUSHION? I am going to sit because of BEAUTY? 

Like I said, you name it, I can second guess it. But you know what they say, if you can practice even while distracted, you are well trained. So I would sit anyway. That little magnetic pull might have made the difference on some days. And then as time sometimes seems, one day becomes day after day. 

OK, I wanna sell these things. Really I do. But I am not so nutt-o-rama on the sales that I am suggesting an Inner Space Yoga zafu will turn an on-and-off meditation practice into a daily practice. All I am saying is it is a tiny, little, small, magnetic pull to the sit side of the dial.  

I don’t know if it is the beauty, or the comfort, or the fabulous shifting weight when I pull it off the shelf, or the right height, or the firmness of the buckwheat hulls, or the intimacy of the top of my legs resting on the curves, or the space of the crescent to bring my heels in siddhasana. I just know that it helped me a little bit get started on a daily practice.

And a daily practice makes me name things less. And naming things less makes me second guess less. And less is a lot when you are talking about inner spaces. 

- Tammy Kaousias, Inner Space Diver

Meet Your Makers

We aim to make beautiful products you will want to use every day to support your life, so we employ people who are creative forces and share our love for aesthetics. We also like to support hard working women.

Introducing our great group of gals...

Ace Baggot

Meet Ace Baggot, Seamstress

Dynamite comes in small packages.  Ace may be small, but she is a mighty seamstress who has been integral in developing Inner Space's product line

Ace not only sews for us, she is also in high demand in Asheville, NC for her sewing skills as proprietor, designer and seamstress of her shop, Sew & Sew

In between all of this sewing, Ace nurtures two beautiful girls, Lila and Nina.


Meet Erin Swenson, Seamstress

Erin has mad sewing and bargain hunting skills. We appreciate those qualities in a gal because we aim to create high quality products with as little waste as possible.

Erin enjoys life in the country at the base of House Mountain just outside Knoxville with her twins, Mountain and Caroline, her husband, Tim and a slew of sweet animals.


Meet Brigid Oesterling - Bolster Begetter

Artist. Curator. Costumer. Bolster rollin' fool.

Brigid specializes in creations made from recycled/reused materials - especially bicycle, motorcycle and tractor inner tubes and rubber. We feel so fortunate to have an artist's hands and eyes on our products. Brigid has been busy renovating her new home DIY style with her partner, Mike. They are focusing on creating a sustainable, budget friendly home with tons of style. We'll be sure to feature some of their ideas in another blog post. It's good stuff!


Meet Jessi Ringer, Photographer

Jessi is the force behind the lens that provides us with such beautiful, enticing images.

She tries very hard to make sure that each and every one of her images tells a story. In her quest to always shoot from the most interesting angle possible, she's been known to scale a wall, wade through water, lay on the ground, or dodge traffic. She has passport, driver’s license and a trucker’s handle and will travel!

When she's not telling stories with her imagery, she mothers 3 children, spends time with her fun loving husband AND does triathalons. Damn, Girl!

See more of her amazing work on her web site

February 09, 2015 by Tammy Kaousias

Howdy Y'all!

We've finally made it back online! 

We'll be offering ideas on how to use our products, tid bits about life in the Bolster Bungalow (as we fondly call our work space) and special deals we have brewing, so stay tuned...


May 06, 2014 by Tammy Kaousias
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