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Deeper Dive Into Inner Space Bolsters

More on the Atlas:

We love it in so many ways …. and we can’t wait for you to tell us how you love it too (don’t forget to include a picture)! 

  • For those of us who are petite, the Atlas is a match made in heaven. At 8 inches high and 9 inches wide, it gives a more petite body lift and support.
  • For those of us with less flexi spines, the Atlas is perfection. The Atlas gives a generous lift so it can be used as passive and active backbending support, but not so much that you are pushing the body. 
  • We suspect men will gravitate to the Atlas (some of us have to keep our lower backs from taking all the movement).
  • Reclined pranayama calls for a lift of the torso (but not too much), and something narrow enough to free the shoulder blades (but not too narrow), the Atlas is ideal.
  • The Atlas works well for seated pranayama as well, either for a seat  or back support. Or both! Let the spine be supported so you can maintain awareness on your breath.
  • For those of us who luuuuuvvvv deep forward folds, the Atlas is the progressive bolster. The lower height makes this a bolster to reach for.
  • For those of us who love the length of the spine supported and the width of the spinal column supported, the Atlas is the only kid on the block. That little bit of extra length makes a big difference. 
  • For those of us whose knees know they need love, the Atlas tucks right in or under. It great prop under the knees to lengthen and release the low back in a variety of postures including savasana. The Atlas packs a punch without punching a thing.
  • For those who like to challenge the bellows and compress the organs, the Atlas fits the bill. We won’t explain this one, but you can see which picture matches this description :).