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Wholesale Patterns WOWwweeeeeeee!!!

HELLO! Welcome to the wholesale club, where the options are (almost) endless. This is our secret page of wholesale patterns. Shhhhhhh!

We don't get tooooooooo fancy with photography for wholesale patterns.  But don't worry.....these patterns are beautiful.  We've got you covered!

Normally our wholesale program requires that you choose from our wholesale patterns. But until the end of 2022,  you can choose from these, or our retail patterns. Crazy, we know. Here they are. If you see something you love, email to start ordering. 

Irides - hint

Blue Gem on Pink

Natural Sienna


Born to Be Wild


Fond Frond Friends 


Various Vectors 



Golden Mehndi 

 Spyrograph Spirit


Roses Aren’t Red batik


Natural Sanctuary batik