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Bolsters with Benefits

Bolsters with Benefits

Bolsters with Benefits! So, being on the other side of the chronological bell curve, someone had to tell me what the phrase "friends with benefits" colloquially meant. :)

When I started this incredible gift of a yoga practice in earnest, it seemed to coincide perfectly with my insatiable curiosity and my tendency to always put the point of the angle on the inside. I say it like  this: Turn my eyeballs around, and actually look inside. Over and over and over and over and over and over.  And it's no Crimson and Clover (sorry about that ... 80's flare up). Then,  someone introduced me to the Inner Space Bolster. Well, it was love at first rest.

We brought them into the yoga studio and I could not believe how wonderful they were. Setu Bhanda on two ovals, lengthwise and then, look inside. Yippee for space! Yippee for subtle movement!  The bolsters propped me up, and I let go. Little by little. I suspect those of you who love the practice also love the increased awareness that allows you to start letting go in layers through the body. It is like progressive layered geology. The bolster gave me the support to experience this. So, it helped me wake up! 

It's an added benefit. Not just muscular release, not just relaxation, but knowing myself a little bit better and waking up in the moment.

So, see, I'm an old fogey. 'Friends with Benefits' to me means we wake up together.

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