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Sit Side of the Dial

Inner Space Crescent Zafu Meditation Cushion

You name it, and I can second guess it. This happens more frequently when I am not balanced. But you gotta give a sitter some props -- at least I notice.

And I noticed something odd about my zafu. I started using an Inner Space zafu cushion about the time I started sitting daily.  And it got in my consciousness…  A visual imprint of color and texture. 

If my sub-text around my routine was “should I sit or should I go now” (Clash fans out there?), I would catch a glimpse of my pumpkin-peacock zafu, and I would feel a little pull to the sit side of the dial. At first, I second guessed this. I mean, really? Is this attachment to a CUSHION? I am going to sit because of BEAUTY? 

Like I said, you name it, I can second guess it. But you know what they say, if you can practice even while distracted, you are well trained. So I would sit anyway. That little magnetic pull might have made the difference on some days. And then as time sometimes seems, one day becomes day after day. 

OK, I wanna sell these things. Really I do. But I am not so nutt-o-rama on the sales that I am suggesting an Inner Space Yoga zafu will turn an on-and-off meditation practice into a daily practice. All I am saying is it is a tiny, little, small, magnetic pull to the sit side of the dial.  

I don’t know if it is the beauty, or the comfort, or the fabulous shifting weight when I pull it off the shelf, or the right height, or the firmness of the buckwheat hulls, or the intimacy of the top of my legs resting on the curves, or the space of the crescent to bring my heels in siddhasana. I just know that it helped me a little bit get started on a daily practice.

And a daily practice makes me name things less. And naming things less makes me second guess less. And less is a lot when you are talking about inner spaces. 

- Tammy Kaousias, Inner Space Diver

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