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Everything Matters.

Everything Matters.

Has 2020 knocked you off your equanimity yet? 

Sometimes, do you feel like nothing matters, no matter what you do? As if the ocean is so big and your boat is so small - how can you possibly survive the waves and the wind?

Reminds us of the old story about the tiny hummingbird. In the midst of a vast, massive fire to her home forest,  she kept flying to a stream to pick up the little bit of water that would fit in her tiny beak.  Then she flew back over the fire and dropped the water. The other animals looked on in disbelief. The deer, fox, rabbits, snakes and hawks told her she was too small, the fire was too was not worth her effort. Maybe they wanted to save her or themselves from disappointment. Maybe they didn't want to see what was possible. 

The hummingbird kept going back and forth, back and forth. She looked down on them on her way to the stream for another beak-full of water and said, without wasting any time, “I’m doing the best I can!”

Take heart! You are doing the best you can! 

Don't underestimate a small act. We are so habituated to turn our back on the present moment -- it is not enough, it is not grabbing my attention. Yet, it is in the present moment that the possibilities are endless. Remember the words of the ancient yogis – let go of the outcome. You are doing the best you can in this moment.  Even in the face of overwhelming odds, grave injustice, societal conditioning so thick it is a wonder the light shines through...we are each doing the best we can. The light DOES shine through you, with you and from you. You don’t have to be guaranteed the “success” of your actions for this to be so. 

It helps to get in touch with all this if you sit quietly even just a little bit when you can. Our zafus meet your seat like an old friend. That sounded weird. You know what we mean. Our zabutons provide a foundation both soft and strong - just like you. And, of course, as is the Inner Space way, they are beautiful together - just as we all are.

Humming bird in flight 

(You can see Kenyan environmental activist, women’s rights advocate, and 2004 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Professor Wangari Maathai tell the hummingbird story in this clip from Dirt! The Movie) 

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InnerView with Valerie Kiser, a forever supporter of Inner Space Yoga