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...and we have a FIRST TIME this year...
It is always exciting to pick out fabrics at Inner Space. We hope you have as much fun seeing them for the first time as we do when we pick them out.  Once we get the patterns in the warehouse, we re-imagine them, the Inner Space way. What does this pattern say to someone on a conscious journey of living this precious human life? When a pattern gets made into a bolster or cushion, something new emerges.
And this time, something new emerged from our process.  For the first time ever, we put out an Instagram challenge and asked you all what fabrics you liked. We got YOUR top picks.
So here you have it - our big fat goodbye kiss to 2020 -- BOLD FABRICS TO CLOSE OUT THE YEAR PICKED BY YOU.
You can't keep a wide eyed, open hearted, fearless yogi down! 
These beauties reflect that.
Bring it on 2021!

Snowy Peak Peony Peek

The peony is a many layered flower, with endless curls, folds and beauty. Certain gardeners have learned to force bloom peonies through the winter, by nipping buds in the spring and leaving buds in autumn. Sometimes, we have to do this to our consciousness to clear up some of the dust obscuring our view so we can have a peek into our true nature. Enjoy this gorgeous pattern that is grounded and totally year round gorgeous.

Colors include navy, blue, grey, lilac, tan, sand, turquoise, aqua, gold, cream and black.

Blooming in Secret

 When things get dark and unclear, it helps to remember there is always a light shining, a radiance radiating. You are connected to the web of everything and no one has to know it but you. This dark beauty is surprisingly bright and it will welcome you through thick-n-thin. 

Colors include shades of purple, fuchsia, turquoise, mahogany, black and green.

Padma Shades of S/He/It

These lotus leaves twirl and bend and glisten and they aren’t going to stop & neither should you.  It offers a respite to the loud, but it has a vibrancy all its own. The cool shades bring a lot of “ahhhhhhh” and the yellow and orange bring a lot of “ohhhhhh” and nothing stands out but it all joins into one low key happy hollering.

Colors include shades of green, pink, mint, yellow and orange.

Fall Into Season

This patterned beauty brings to mind decors of castles and high cottages on the edge of forests full of sprites and leprechaun. It’s undeniably a class act. The surprising blue almost shines and the pairing with the beige and small pops of buds keeps this from going too bougie (you know what we mean). Like a lot of us, it has one foot in the world of establishment and the other in the world of fairy tales.

Colors include teal, blue, red-orange, beige, and tan.


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Everything Matters.

Everything Matters.

InnerView with Valerie Kiser, a forever supporter of Inner Space Yoga

InnerView with Valerie Kiser, a forever supporter of Inner Space Yoga

Dance Your Bolster Yoga!

Dance Your Bolster Yoga!