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Fly into Crow Pose with a Bolster

Fly into Crow Pose with a Bolster

Bakasana / Crow Pose


One of the first arm balances that many students achieve, Crow Pose is an asana that looks hard, but once you figure out how to fly, it's smooth sailing. Get past the tricky first attempts, and you'll be on to reaping the benefits of the pose. Which is a stronger body, including abdominals, arms, wrists, and legs. Plus this pose is empowering. Good for the mind and body.


Benefits of using a bolster for Bakasana 


Learning to take flight in crow pose takes some practice. Using a bolster under the feet provides a lift to fly and allows you to work on the balance and strength while using the upper arms. During you first attempts, the feet can stay on the bolster. Or using a bolster in front of your body can serve as a tumble pad if going forward is something you fear. 


How to use a bolster in Bakasana 


Our demonstrator uses an atlas bolster. A flat or an oval size bolster would also work just fine. A round would be the most challenging.


Bolster under the feet variation:

  • Stand on the bolster and squat down with your hands on the floor. Then walk your hands out front in of you about 12 inches from the bolster. 
  • Come back to a squat with the buttocks down and the hands on the floor. 
  • Squeeze the outer arms with the inner legs and activate the abdominals. 
  • Practice rocking forward placing weight on the hands. 
  • If able, lift the feet off the bolster. 
  • Keep practicing, and soon you will fly. 


Bolster in front of the head variation:

  • Place any bolster size horizontally in front of your predatory squat position. 
  • Place your palms on the floor. 
  • Squeeze the outer knees into the outer arms and activate the abdominals.
  • Practice the balancing point of rocking forward and lifting the feet off the ground. 
  • Practice, lift again and soon you will fly. 
  • You might tumble too. That's okay. We are here for you. 



Pose of the Week features our current demonstrator for Inner Space Yoga. Demonstrators are also featured on InnerVeiws. Using both platforms, we are inspiring people to practice yoga by showing real people using our products, and by sharing real people demonstrating yoga philosophies in their daily lives. Read our introduction and watch an InnerView with Jardana here. Read about their work at People's Hub here. 


Want to hear more from Jardana?

Jardana's book Practice Showing Up, is a guide that gathers writing exercises, embodied and contemplative practices, poetry and artwork and weaves them with Jardana's meditations from the front lines of struggle against white supremacy. 

We have 5 more copies to give away! Buy a bolster, and leave a note in your order that says, "YES Please! Send me a book for free." We'll add it to your bolster and ship it to your door. 


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