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Hello Fall. Hello New Owners. Hello New Patterns.

Hello Fall. Hello New Owners. Hello New Patterns.

We are bursting at the seams to share our exciting news and new fall patterns. 

First, meet the new owners! Jill Frere and Rebecca Simmons have joined Tammy Kaousias as co-owners of Inner Space Yoga. Together we are full of visions and hope for growing our business to the next level. 

Jill, Rebecca and Tammy all are excited about creating new products, reimplementing our wholesale offerings, increasing educational content, participating in events and partnerships, and continuing to build community and environmental sustainability.

Rebecca will be a new voice behind our blog, newsletter and social media. Our website has been streamlined to make it faster for you to click through all our beautiful products. And we’ll be rolling out weekly blog posts to keep you up to date on all we have sewing.  

(Jill, Tammy and Rebecca L-R)

 Ready to roll now is Divine Fall, our line of new patterns! 

Cleopatra, Athena and Green Tara patterns are each unique and feature earthy hues with bold graphics. We call this our Divine Fall roll-out. In real yin and yang fashion, we may be going all female and high concept, yet the colors are oh so gender inclusive.

The timing of Inner Space Yoga transitioning to three owners was not intentionally planned with the announcement of three new patterns named after three strong female archetypes.  But for fun, we’ll tell you we have some ideas of which owner resonates with which pattern. 

Our first fall pattern is Cleopatra. Cleopatra was a queen known for forming romantic liaisons and powerful alliances with Roman leaders. She was a gal who knew what she wanted and went after it in unwavering ways. 

Tammy named this bold pattern Cleopatra because the structured graphic along with the subtle goldish details reminded her of hieroglyphics. The dramatic red and black coloring is both sophisticated and magnetic, reminiscent of Cleopatra. She held the throne for three decades and while we may read about her beauty in modern times, there is a good amount of historical evidence that all the talk of her looks and focus on romances is, well,  HIS-tory. She was powerful, skilled and smart. “And that’s the real story,” says Tammy. 

Buy products in the Cleopatra pattern here!

The pattern Green Tara is a modern design full of natural beauty. The intermittent dark green circles offer a pop of interest to challenge the eye that reminds us of mindfully scanning a patch of tall grass for a four-leaf clover. Tara is a fully enlightened female buddha and known as the mother of all buddhas. 

A mother of four, Rebecca enjoys meditation, the sense of groundedness it brings her and the ability it offers her to find stillness and peace while nurturing and managing the busy lives of her family. 

“Green Tara is the actuality of compassion and wisdom and meditating on her helps us awaken our buddha nature,” according to Lama Palden Drolma.  Part of the meditation Drolma teaches  in the Lion’s Roar involves visualizing Tara dissolving into a blue-green light.   Rebecca wishes for herself, and everyone around her, to experience their infinite nature. 

 Buy products in the Green Tara pattern here! 

The pattern Athena displays a sense of creative order and majestic peace. The pattern in this solid fabric resembles details found in ancient Greek stonework. Athena is a goddess of wisdom and war, and a master in artistic handicrafts such as spinning yarn. The neutral browns and cream colors give this pattern a versatile look and the aesthetic flexibility to blend into any yoga studio or home. It is beautiful and sturdy, like all our Inner Space Yoga bolsters. 

Pallas Athene has epitomized different things for different people across time.  Jill loves her for her fierceness and ability to manifest wisdom into physical form, ideas into concrete beauty.  It turns out that Jill has Pallas Athene in the 8th house, in her astrological chart.  People with this “represent strong psychic and oracular intelligence.  These people have creative skill with joint business and money affairs, and using kundalini yoga as a spiritual transformer,” according to Demetra George.  I guess we’ll find out!

Buy products in the Athena pattern here! 

Do you already have bolster but are inspired to liven it up with a new cover? Well, we've got you covered! The new patterns can also be purchased as covers for your existing bolsters.

Buy a new cover in our fall patterns here! 

Happy Fall ya'll. We hope all this news makes you happier than a warm pumpkin spiced late. 

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Now Selling Covers!

Now Selling Covers!

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