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Gratitude and Pose of the Week

Gratitude and Pose of the Week

Hi this is Rebecca! We are so grateful by the overflow of likes, loves, messages and emails after sharing our news about our new co-owners and new fall patterns.

After Jill Frere and I closed the deal to become co-owners with Tammy Kaousias, we met at our warehouse and walked in together feeling an unbelievable sense of awe, pride, and gratitude. We felt like we needed to do something to mark the moment. So, we took this picture.

And then we went straight to work, visioning, planning, and sharing an overall excitement to get things rolling. Jill and I are truly grateful to be here as new co-owners.

This week on our social media accounts we are reposting shares, tags and finds, featuring Inner Space Yoga products being loved and used by yogis around the country. We are doing it as a thank you, with grateful hearts, for all the business and love you have given Inner Space Yoga since Tammy bought the company in 2014.

If you post any photos with Inner Space products, tag us so we can share them. Or use the #innerspaceyogasupplies.

On Monday this week, Inner Space Yoga was featured on Living East Tennessee, on WATE. Here is the link to the TV news piece. On Wednesday, we were in print the Knoxville News Sentinel's Shopper News

We are working on new products and a live event that we will announce in our October Newsletter. Sign up for our Newsletter here!

Our weekly blog posts will feature a pose that uses one of our bolsters as a prop. This week it feels perfect to do a heart opening pose, to share the gratitude we are feeling now. 

Ustrasana, Camel pose

Ustrasana is a preliminary pose taught as an introduction to back bending.

There are three variations of Ustrasana that use a bolster.

  1. Place a round bolster horizontally on the floor and place the tops of the toes on the bolster, to make reaching the heels more accessible.
  2. Place a round bolster horizontally on the tops of the heels and reach to place hands on the ends of the bolster.
  3. Place a flat bolster vertically against a wall and press the tops of the thighs into the bolster.

For all variations, the knees should be hips distance apart with the shins on the floor and toes pointing straight back. Place the hands on the hips, keep the thighs perpendicular to the ground, lengthen and lift the entire front trunk of the body, press the thighs forward and tuck the buttocks in, move the upper spine between the shoulder blades to open the upper chest. To come into the final pose, take the hands and touch the heels (variation 1 or 3) or the bolster (variation 2). Use the hands to press into the heels or bolster to further lift the chest by moving the shoulder blades in. Then take the head back and look behind if the neck allows.

To come out of the pose, raise the head up, bring the trunk to an upright position and take the hands back to the waist.

The benefits of this pose are to open the chest, which can improve respiration and inspire a sense of optimism. It strengthens the legs and buttocks, opens the hip flexors, and improves posture.

If you have back or neck injuries, don’t try this pose without the help of an experienced yoga teacher. When in doubt, always consult a doctor before trying a new form of exercise.  

Pose instructions are based on the Iyengar Yoga methodology, which is the style of yoga Rebecca studies.

Jill brings an extensive knowledge of Dharma yoga to Inner Space, from her 1000-hour studies with Sri Dharma Mittra. On that beautiful note, we'll leave you with a quote from Sri Dharma Mittra:

"The most important prayer is to say thank you, even for the air you breathe. Be grateful to exist."

Here at Inner Space Yoga, we can't agree more. 


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Hello Fall. Hello New Owners. Hello New Patterns.

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