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New Pattern - Bring on the Bubbly

New Pattern - Bring on the Bubbly


(Yes, we really just said that.)

Our first new pattern of the new year -- Effervescent!


It comes on strong with a lot of celebration and a whole lot of love.

Inner Space started rolling bolsters and covering them with Effervescent over 10 years ago. Then, poof, it went away. We thought it was gone forever. Then poof, we found it.

Like the old saying goes: A pattern lost in the river is found in the river.

So we bought some for you. We wanted all this classy cosmic fun back in production! It was a favorite then and we think it will be a favorite now. The past is present whether you know what you want or not, so might as well pay attention and find out what you love right now. Then your future will be so much better.

What do you have to lose? Maybe we are sounding like a dog on a bone, and a little too cute ...

 (I mean, ya'll, can you BELIEVE the cuteness?!?!?)* 

We describe Effervescent the way we feel it:

“Rich with color in a field of gorgeous black, no one hue takes center stage. Together the colors and design create a beautiful pattern at home in any place.  Vibrant, it is fun yet high end. The bubbles galore are designed in a way that brings out the phizzzz in sophizzzzzsticated. Effervescent does that … you may find yourself rollerskating with a three olive dry martini …  or saying things like sophizzzzzsticated … or pulling out the pipe in a Marakesh den. One of the reasons we love this pattern is the way it represents the subtle sensations that any good yoga practice helps deepen. The sprinklys and glitterys and shimmerys – you know how it can get sometimes. :)  Effervescent knows too."

Yes, we KNOW you KNOW. YOU know that WE know. A good yoga practice brings all kinds of knowing. And a beautiful prop ... let's go exponential. We use the border stripe for full effect. For example ...

Lookey at this Atlas (and click it to buy it fabulous reader):

And lookey at this oval (and click it to buy it, even more fabulous reader):

See? Beauty. Full stop. We know you do.

Colors include red, white, blue, purple, green, yellow, orange, tan, aqua, and black. IT GOES WITH EVERYTHING. Another reason we went with Effervescent.


These bolsters and products also look great together. The different front & back and the circle round the bottom of the Atlas make a gorgeous set. Plus, you really need more than one bolster. No REALLY. We are in the process of shooting some little videos RIGHT NOW, as we speak, that will convince you.

 Nothing beats the support of an Inner Space product.



Effervescent is selling fast. 

* We were fortunate to spend time at Blue Ridge Yoga Studio. Jess Mishu (shown in the wide legged forward fold), the owner, Caitlyn Phelps (shown in and as effervescence :)), the studio manager and the irresistible Theodore kept us company and helped us out. If you are in the Farragut area of Knoxville, check them out. They have many different offerings, have a great community (and recommend out bolsters to their teacher trainees :)). Big love for Jess, Caitlyn and team!!


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InnerView with Valerie Kiser, a forever supporter of Inner Space Yoga

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