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A Deep Dive - Moving From A Deep Place- Jill Frere

A Deep Dive - Moving From A Deep Place- Jill Frere

Jill Frere is a dancer.

If you don't believe us, you can see for yourself in her fabulous dance of gorgeous work and creative output here where she choreographed and performed a dance based on a zen koan (a phrase or story meant to do .... well, we can't explain what a koan is but you can read the wiki here).

In Jill Frere's lovely writing, Moving From A Deep Place, we get to learn about yoga theory, koan meditation and also take a deep dive into moving from a deep place. Her website,, shows off Jill's mad skills. Her blog is a glimpse into her deep processes. 

She starts with a simple enough question:

Where do we move from?  Where does the initiation to act (be it mundane or profound) come from, and what to do when there is no impulse? 

(... throat clearing...) Good question, right? Most likely for many of us, a question we never ask. I "intend" to get into dhanurasna. That's where it comes from!

And yet ....

Maybe it comes from nowhere in particular. And maybe when you have a sense of INNER SPACE being the same as outer space, things are not so much of a problem.

Jill connects all this to her current practice of koan meditation. Here at Inner Space Yoga,  a lot of us who are conceiving and making your products are koan practitioners in the tradition of Pacific Zen Institute. It is a lot of fun to work with people who have the same passions - like yoga and koan meditation and making beautiful yoga props.

We would like to see the subset of humans who fit into that Venn diagram!

Jill also compares some of these practices based on her personal experience. That is a very cool thing to read about. As westerners who love yoga, we all have a tendency to be syncretist and we are exposed to so many different views, lineages, and ways. It is all good if you are never afraid of inquiry (and even less afraid of what reflects back :). 

Jill keeps asking the deep questions ...

But what do we do when there is no clear deeper impulse?  Can we live in the not knowing?  How do we wait kindly until our deeper impulse appears or doesn’t?

So take a deep dive and read the entire post Moving From A Deep Place. It is joy to read and may even have you asking your self .... where does movement come from?



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