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Wonderland Whimsy, for today, tomorrow, and next year.

Wonderland Whimsy, for today, tomorrow, and next year.

🎄New Holiday pattern Release🎄

yoga bolsters, meditation cushions and eye pillows 


The leaves are finishing their colorful fall to the ground in East Tennessee. And the winterizing of things has begun.

I (Inner Space Gal Rebecca and mom to four daughters) volunteer with my 8-year old’s after school garden club - which is led by a group of grandparents who are certified Master Gardeners. I also think of them as lifelong learners with the luxury of time to cultivate a beautiful practice of mindfulness and patience. I love being around them!

Last week as I pulled dead weeds with the children to winterize a garden bed, the passing of seasons entered our conversations. Grammy, one of the Master Gardeners in charge, looked up and said, “We need stickers on our calendars saying Dates are Closer than they Appear. Like they used to put on car mirrors.”

While I pulled hard at deep-rooted weed while dodging a hoe from an enthusiastic-to-help student, I paused after hearing her wise worlds. Because it is SO true. Amid all the busy in the seasons of our lives, sometimes we need literal signs to remind us to stay present and enjoy the season we are in. I know I do.

Even though it feels like the calendar pages must have flipped themselves, it is true… the holidays are here. And the year is almost done.

SOoooooooo…. Let me introduce our winter pattern!  It is a subtle one, but a fun one! Just what the world feels like it needs right now.

Wonderland Whimsy offers a quiet place to sit, to restore the body and the mind, during our winter days when we need times to move slower, to linger a little longer and to be a little lighter. Wonderland Whimsy is a light mauve with hints of grey, and bursts of white and gold flowers.

It’s a neutral pattern to blend into all the seasons.

Having this beautiful yoga bolster or meditation cushion in your home might just be the literal reminder you need, that the days and months are always closer than they appear. Take a seat and be in the moment. Before it is gone.

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