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Jill Has Always Been A Dancer!

Jill Has Always Been A Dancer!

If you ordered a product from Inner Space, you probably got a thoughtful handwritten letter from Jill.  If you’ve made a wholesale order or sent any email asking for advice on what Inner Space product would work best for you, you definitely know Jill. She's even the real body behind the chat bot!

Before Inner Space, before yoga, before likely anything, Jill has always been a dancer.  Jill danced her way into the world and she dances through the day. We have mentioned this before and we encourage you to watch her dancing movie (featuring Inner Space bolsters). Jill's creativity is amazing, and it comes from a deep place. We have also mentioned that before!

We are so fortunate that Jill brought her skills to Inner Space. But we are enriched because she brought her dance.

Jill not only danced when she rolled bolsters, in one way or another, she danced when she set up inventory processes, when she built margin worksheets from scratch, and we know she danced her way into the heart of the Canon Rebel 2!   We see signs of her dance everyday and everywhere we look!! 

Just like Jill's brilliant Moving Ground piece (how we wish you could've been there if you weren't there), the ground is shifting and she is switching her focus on her love of dance and creative pursuits. Like all great people, Jill doesn't keep what she loves to herself.

She shares it.

She choreographs, teaches, and performs. She creates, produces and promotes. Check out her website Fearless Motion, hire her for a private yoga session (she is great!), check out her yoga classes (schedule hereand stay up to date on where you can see her dance. 

Next up, she'll dance at the Maker City Pop-Up Parade and Dance Party at the Maker City Summit September 18, World's Fair Park. Then she has choreographed a piece that will be performed in Go Contemporary Dance production, Wide Open, on September 23. 

Jill is a busy body. So keep checking her website for updates on events. There's plenty of places to find her! And she is going to keep Inner Space bolsters rollin' too.

And to keep your experience with Inner Space yoga seamless, Rebecca will step out from behind the scenes and into the real body behind the chat bot, the wholesale diva, and the production queen. We'll keep you rolled, covered and ready to practice yoga!


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