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How to use yoga bolsters in Backbend poses

Inner Space Yoga bolsters are made by yoga practitioners, for any body to use. We want every body to experience the benefits of using a yoga bolster while practicing yoga. Because we think our bolsters are that great! 

The benefits of using a yoga bolster in backbend poses? 

Backbends are a happy place for the spine. By extending the spice, they create space in the lower back, the upper back, and can improve breathing. They open the heart and mind, offering new perspectives on our old ways. Backbends teach us patience in our practice. They are not easy. But with a yoga bolster they are doable for any body. Start small or go big. Use a bolster to start anywhere.

Each featured backbend pose is linked to our Pose of the Week blog, with details on how to do the pose using a bolster, additional variations using bolsters plus more benefits and reasons you should give it a try. 


Ustrasana / Camel Pose


Urdhva Mukha Svanasana / Upward facing dog


Matsyasana / Fish


Dhanurasana / bow pose




  For how to use your bolster in other types of poses click here. 

Keep scrolling, for more inspiration on how to use your bolsters in backbends, using classic Inner Space photos that are not linked to our blog. They demonstrate anything is possible with any size bolster!


Locus Pose with two oval bolsters
Bow Pose with a round bolster
King Pigeon with a flat bolster
Chest opening backbend with a round bolster
Camel with a flat bolster

Camel pose with three oval bolsters

 Camel with an oval bolster
 Upward facing dog with a flat and a round bolster