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How to use yoga bolsters and Meditation cushions for Meditation

Inner Space Yoga bolsters and meditation cushions are made by yoga practitioners, for any body to use. We want every body to experience the benefits of using yoga bolsters and meditation cushions while meditating. Because we think our products are that great! 

Benefits of using yoga bolsters and meditation cushions in meditation

Some sitting yoga poses and reclined restorative posses are used in meditation. Our meditation cushions make these positions more comfortable when meditating and sitting for longer periods of time. Settle in. Let our props help you find your inner spaces and support your meditation practice.

Some featured meditation poses are linked to our Pose of the Week blog, with details on how to do the pose using bolsters and meditation cushions, plus more benefits and reasons you should give it a try. 


Virasana / Hero's pose

  • This variation uses using a zafu and a zabuton for a comfortable sit. 
  • The atlas bolster could also be used, vertically between the knees or horizontally between the ankles and sit bones.




Keep scrolling, for more inspiration for sitting and reclined meditation, with classic Inner Space photos that not linked to our blog. They demonstrate anything is possible with any of our bolsters and mediation cushions. 

Sukhasana / simple cross legged position

  • Having the knees lower than the hips is achieved by sitting on two zafus. The zabuton provides padding for the shins. Both make it more comfortable to sit longer. 


Savasana with a Zabuton, round bolster and yoga eye pillow.

Reclined relaxation with atlas bolsters
Savasana with oval, atlas, flat and zafu


Chest opening savasana with one flat bolster

Chest opening savasana with one flat bolster and one round bolster
Supta Badha Konasana with three atlas bolsters