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Forward fold for a simple inversion

Forward fold for a simple inversion
Pose of the Week
Uttanasana /Standing Forward Fold with bent knees 

In this bent knees version of Uttanasana, a bolster is like an invitation to let go in the pose. The bolster will help you feel more comfortable and supported in this mild inversion. Be where you are and breath. Exhale, let go, and let be. It's all going to be okay. 

It the traditional version of Uttanasana, the knees are straight. Here, JoeT is demonstrating a restorative version with bent knees. By bending the knees in Uttanasana, it loosens the hamstrings and allows the pelvis to tilt forward to create space in the lower spine. 

In the first photo, the atlas bolster is on the thighs and JoeT folds over the bolster to release the upper spine and neck.

In the second photo he stacks a round bolster on a flat bolster to have a place to rest the head. Placing the head on something in all forward folds helps to quiet the mind.

  • Before coming into the pose, stand up tall with your feet hips distance apart and lengthen the spine. 
  • Stack two bolsters in front of you or place one bolster on your thighs. 
  • Bend at the hips to fold forward. Keep your spine extended and neutral
  • Let the back round slightly, as you bend the knees and let the hands reach towards the floor. 
  • Exhale and feel the release oft the body and the calming of the mind.
  • Come up slowly while the blood flow returns to the head. 

If you liked this forward fold, try Prasarita Padottasana / wide angle forward fold and Paschimottanasana /seated forward bend.

This Pose of the Week features Joseph Tolbert Jr. demonstrating for Inner Space Yoga.  We want to inspire people to practice yoga by showing real people using our products. We also want to inspire people by sharing real people demonstrating yoga philosophies in daily life. Read more about our collaboration with Joe T here.

Visit Pose of the Week to try all the poses!

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