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Revolve, exhale, and tap into your inner spaces

Revolve, exhale, and tap into your inner spaces

Pose of the Week

Parivrtta Upavistha Konasana/ Revolved Wide Angle Seated Pose

Adding a twist to your Wide Angle Seated Pose can provide new discoveries into your yoga practice. Give it a try! Inhale, revolve and feel the space between your ribs increase. Then exhale, and observe what the body and mind has to teach us when we tap into these inner spaces. 

Using a yoga bolster allows one to achieve the pose, and get the benefits of revolving, without going the final step of using the hand to grab hold of the foot.

The bolster sends a soft and stable message to any body, that it's okay to stop where your body says stop. Other benefits of this pose is it can relieve stress and fatigue. It stretches the hips, hamstrings and lengthens the spine. 

To do the pose:

  • Start seated with the legs extended out in Upavistha Konasana.
  • Place the bolster on the inside edge of the left leg.
  • Raise the arms up to lift the chest. 
  • Slide the back of the left hand and lower arm down the bolster towards the foot. Stop when you body says stop. 
  • Inhale. Press the back of the arm into the bolster, lift the chest and rotate the back left ribs towards the front of the room and upwards.
  • Take the top hand over the head, either extending it straight or holding the head to support the neck. 
  • Repeat on the second side. 

We recommend a flat bolster for this pose but a round or oval would achieve the same benefits. 

Poses that go well after this twist are Paschimottanasana /seated forward bend and Adho Mukha Virasana / Child's pose. All links are to our Pose of the Week blog. 

This Pose of the Week features Joseph Tolbert Jr. demonstrating for Inner Space Yoga.  We want to inspire people to practice yoga by showing real people using our products. We also want to inspire people by sharing real people demonstrating yoga philosophies in daily life. Read more about our collaboration with Joe T here.

Visit Pose of the Week to try all the poses!


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