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How to use Yoga bolsters in Standing Poses

Inner Space Yoga bolsters are made by yoga practitioners, for any body to use. We want every body to experience the benefits of using a yoga bolster while practicing yoga. Because we think our bolsters are that great! 

The benefits of using a yoga bolster in standing poses

Standing poses are strenuous when held with attention to detail and alignment. Yoga bolsters are there for you! Placing the head on support in standing poses is calming for the mind. Using a bolster for support on the floor can be an act of kindness for your body.  Take a stand. Be gentle with yourself. Use a yoga bolster. 

Each featured standing pose is linked to our Pose of the Week blog, with details on how to do the pose using a bolster, additional variations using bolsters plus more benefits and reasons you should give it a try. 




    Uttanasana /Standing Forward Fold with bent knees 


    Utthan Pristhasana / Lizard Pose

    •  Lizards use bolsters too! Here is a flat yoga bolster.


    Adho Mukha Svanasana /downward facing dog

    • A flat bolster is used to rest the head on, and achieve the grounding benefits of downward facing dog with a yoga bolster.
    • Use an Atlas, our smallest bolsters, if you are more flexible. 
    • The Round, our tallest bolsters, gives the most height for the head.
    • Varations using multiple bolsters and a ropes wall are here.

    Prasarita Padottasana / wide angle forward fold

      For how to use your bolster in other types of poses click here. 


    Keep scrolling, for more inspiration on how to use your bolsters in standing poses, with classic Inner Space photos not linked to our blog, but show anything is possible with any size bolster!
    Downward Face Dog with an Zafus
    Downward Facing Dog with an Oval Bolster
    Utanasana / Standing Forward Fold with a flat bolster

    Prasarita Padottasana / wide angle forward fold with a flat bolster


    Uttanasana /Standing Forward Fold with round


    Hanumanasana at wall / wall split with round bolsters