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How to Use an Atlas Yoga Bolster

The Atlas yoga bolster is our longest bolster combined with out smallest circumference. It is hand-rolled using 4.5 pounds of densely packed cotton. It will not flatten significantly with use. It is 8” high x 26.5” long x 12” around.

Each featured pose uses an atlas bolster and is linked to our Pose of the Week blog, with details and benefits of how to do the pose.

benefits of using an atlas yoga bolster

The Altas bolster is wonderful for chest opening poses, reclined breathing exercises, placed between the knees, under the knees...and well, soooooooooo many ways. Its size and amount of support makes it a convenient substitute for a small stacks of blankets. The Atlas bolster is small yet mighty. Perfect in so many ways. And versatile. 

Want more information if an Altas bolster is the right size for you? Read How to pick your first bolster. And Compare our bolster sizes here. 

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Uttanasana /Standing Forward Fold with bent knees 

Adho Mukha Virasana / Child's pose


Upavistha Konasana / Wide Angle Seated Forward Bend 

Savasana / corpse pose 

Keep scrolling, for more inspiration on how to use your atlas bolster with classic Inner Space photos that are not linked to our blog. 

Viparita Karani/Hollowback Modification 

Viparita Karani/Hollowback Modification

Seated Restorative

Supported Child's Pose 

Supported Seated Forward Fold

Supported Forward Fold

Supported Forward Fold

Chest Openers


Supported Constructive Rest

Reclined Breathing

Reclined Pranayama Restorative

Reclined Pranayama Restorative

Reclined Pranayama Restorative
Reclined Pranayama/Restorative

Double Bolster Restorative Recline 

Other Poses