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How to use a Round Bolster

Our round bolster is big and resilient! This all cotton bolster offers our highest height. It will flatten significantly with use. Dimensions are: 24.5” long x 11” high  x 11” wide x 36.” Weight is 8 lbs. 

Each featured pose uses a round yoga bolster and is linked to our Pose of the Week blog with details and benefits of how to do the pose.


Firm and soft at the same time. Don't we all strive to be like that? Our Round Bolster won't let you down. It settles somewhat over time which results in a luscious give that your body molds to, so the bolster firms without hardening. These qualities make it ideal for deepening back bending, giving more support for inversions, forward folds, and your lower back's best friend in Savasana.

Want more information to see if a round bolster is the right size for you? Read How to pick your first bolster. And Compare our bolster sizes. 


(This was our first ever Pose of the Week. Enjoy this throw back post including news and gratitude of when we Inner Space brought on new co-owners)


Chatush Padasana / bridge pose 

 Upavistha Konasana / Wide Angle Seated Forward Bend 

Adho Mukha Virasana / Child's pose

   For how to guides on using bolsters in other sizes and types of poses click here.  

Keep scrolling, for more inspiration on how to use your atlas bolster with classic Inner Space photos that are not linked to our blog. 


Supported Backbend


Beautiful Bow


Supported Malasana


Supported Downward Dog


Supported Upward Dog


Supported Chaturaunga


Half Split




Supported Standing Forward Fold 


Passive Seated Forward Fold


Sensational Savasana